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your 英[jɔ:] 美[jʊr, jɔr, jor,jə] 通俗念:发中文“腰”的音 pron.你的,你们的 或者和u一样的读音就可以了 望采纳

your 中文意思"你的,你们的" 准确来说,读音谐音是:耀儿

脖子: 英语: neck. 中文谐音: 内克. neck /nɛk/ CET4 1 N-COUNT Your neck is the part of your body which joins your head to the rest of your body. 颈 She threw her arms around his neck and hugged him warmly. 她伸出双臂搂住...


期待着你的回信 Looking forward to your reply 但是,我期待你的回信。 I am looking forward to your kindly reply.


Cold (Fan) has been integrated so deep snow Merry X'mas to you I love people Cold Throughout the winter in your house Are you my snow man I daydream daydream, etc. Snow a a a a You spell my fate My love for you was born Your ha...

因为他们的音标不同,you里面的ou是直接和y相拼,发音为u。 young里面的ou发音为ʌ,与前面的y相拼,在把后面的ng的发音ŋ相拼。 your不是ou发音而是our一起发ɔr,只要你肯记,很好读的,希望对你有用,欢迎追问和对我提问

Is this your bag? 这是你的包吗? Yes,this is my bag.Thanks 是的,这是我的包.谢谢! Yes, it is. 是的,它是我的包。 No, it isn't .不,它不是我的包。

随时关注你的目标 全部释义和例句>>Keep your focus on your goals. 随时关注你的目标 全部释义和例句>>Keep your focus on your goals.

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