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跟从谁 答题不易 望采纳

改写后的文章如下: As we know industrialization began in the 18th century, since then new sales and distribution channels were required thereby affecting the trade fair business. During the 18th and 19th centuries, fairs became...

1-5: DACCD

应该是following, to follow 是错的! have great trouble (in) doing sth 干什么事有困难 【希望帮助到你,若有疑问,可以追问~~~ 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼!(*^__^*)】

可以不加。 those本身有代词,代指people的意思。 加了people,those就是限定词。 二者没有区别,用those简洁。


I think that young people, especially teenagers , are most likely to follow the fashion, because they are adventurous enough to try new things , and are always looking for common interests among their groups or friends

to their companies than employees who always try to find new ways or ... hearted debate has been going on about whether employees should follow the...

一个简单的经验法则,当想知道谁在约会时付钱时是…… wondering 想知道,前面省略了you are。 I am wondering if the letter is over-weight. 我不知道这信是否超重了。 I was just wondering about that myself. 我就是觉得这件事莫名其妙。

我的一个朋友在圣地亚哥(San Diego)南部的圣伊西德罗(San Ysidro)社区拥有一个马场,他的名字叫曼迪罗伯茨(Monty Roberts)。他答应我可以用他的房子来举办一些活动,来为一些年轻人的风险投资计划方案募集资金。 记得上次我在他那里的时候...

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