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whEn you ArE oFF on your own

you are off on your own 你是自己的

when you are off on your own 你什么时候离开取决于你 on your own 英 [ɔn jɔ: əun] 美 [ɑn jʊr on] 词典 独立地,自愿地 网络 靠你自己; 独自攀登; 你自己


I know you'll always jump in我知道你会投入其中'Cause we don't know ...We are the champions我们是神勇斗士Setting it off again再次出发Oh we on ...

not go you'd better (not go) off on your own had better 后面接动词原形,整句意思是“你最好不要一个人去/离开” 希望能够帮到你。

Rap God - Eminem Look I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings But I’m only going to get this one chance Something wrong I can feel it Its just I feel it in my guts Like something about to happen but I don’t kno...

C 试题分析:句意:坐公交车时,别把手伸到窗户外面。A穿上;B 脱下,起飞;C 伸出;D扔掉,on a bus在公交车上。结合题意选C。

Fun. - Carry On Well I woke up to the sound of silence 我意识到寂静对我是如此重要 The cars were cutting like knives in a fist fight 但当汽车如同小刀般划破了那片寂静时 And I found you with a bottle of wine 我却发现你手握酒瓶,倒...

1when you re gone

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