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whEn you ArE oFF on your own

you are off on your own 你是自己的

when you are off on your own 你什么时候离开取决于你 on your own 英 [ɔn jɔ: əun] 美 [ɑn jʊr on] 词典 独立地,自愿地 网络 靠你自己; 独自攀登; 你自己

Avril Lavigne - Give Me What You Like Please wrap your drunken arms around meAnd I'll let you call me yours tonightCause slightly broken's just what I needAnd if you give me what I ...

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Rap God - Eminem Look I was gonna go easy on you and not to hurt your feelings But I’m only going to get this one chance Something wrong I can feel it Its just I feel it in my guts Like something about to happen but I don’t kno...

not go you'd better (not go) off on your own had better 后面接动词原形,整句意思是“你最好不要一个人去/离开” 希望能够帮到你。

意思是“我不喜欢凭我自己那点能力走开”。 注释 on one's own feet 字面意思是“依靠自己的双脚”,也就是“独自行走”,可以引申为“依靠自己的能力” get off 可以表示“出发”,也可以表示“入睡” 另如: I tried to stand on my own feet rather than ...

Steven,could you help me__ when the plane will take off on the Internet? I'm sorry,my computer doesn't work A turn on B find out C look for D search for 选B STEVEN,你能不能帮我在网上查一下飞机什么时候起飞?

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