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whAt hAppEnED to thE young trEEs wE plAntED? th


A解析:The trees would have grown well(过去相反的虚拟语气)(树本来可以长得好的)but I didn't water them但是当时我没有给它们浇水.(陈述语气,如果改成虚拟就是:if i had watered them)这是一个带有陈述语气的

what did they plant last spring?


would have done “本可以……(却没能……)”,意思是,这些树本可以生长得很好,但我却没有很好地浇水.

[图文] the room and greeted his young executives. “My goodness! What great plants, trees, and flowers you Try to figure out how you could have been partly responsible for what happened. This isn't to say you

[图文] trees shouldn't have been planted in the past C. carbon dioxide is harmful to everything on the earth D. The rescue happened on the day before he left for France. Duret said he didn't realize his story of

表示的是一直在吃这个好像不是被动be的完成时是been take 表示现在还在吃 正在吃

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