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how great day!在这我用了what与how的转换,这是最佳转换了。

Today feels better than yesterday!The past few weeks it had been like rain on a dull dead day and i wasn't able to get things through but now God is finally answering my prayers.I get so impatient but remember guys "A prayer on...

有主语和谓语的,只是省略了 What a great day it is!

Fuck You(Guess Who Batman|GWB) - Lily Allen Look inside, look inside your tiny mind Then look a bit harder 'Cause we're so uninspired, so sick and tired Of all the hatred you harbor So you say it's not okay to be gay Well, I ...



非常有意义的一天。 如果你觉得我的回答比较满意,希望给个采纳鼓励我!不满意可以继续追问。


Have a great day 祝你有美好的一天;祝一天愉快;祝有好的一天 例句筛选 1. Making others happy is one of the best ways to have a great day yourself. 让他人快乐是你拥有美好一天的最好方法。 2. Thanks for your time, it is appreciated...

What a great day we had last Sunday! (last Sunday上周末,所以have要改为过去式had) 希望对你有所帮助!

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