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一首英文老歌叫温森特但是我不会英文谁知道怎么拼啊_百度weathered faces lined in pain 和远处那些被风雨侵蚀的脸孔 are soothed beneath the artist's loving hand 在文森特怜爱的笔下

问一首英文老歌《文森特》Weathered faces lined in pain Are soothed beneath the aritist’s loving hand (repeat ★)For they could not love you But

有哪些歌词旋律都很美的英文歌?《majorie》Taylor swift 是纪念霉外婆的歌,词真的很美 never be so clever you forget to be

有哪些让你拍案叫绝或亮瞎眼的神翻译?Weathered faces lined in pain 张张饱经风霜与苦痛的脸,Are soothed beneath the artist’s Loving

一首好听的美国乡村歌曲weathered faces lined in pain are soothed beneath the artists loving hand for they could not love you but still your love

谁知道那首VINCENT的歌词和翻译?Colors changing hue色彩变化万千Morning fields of amber grain清晨里琥珀色的田野Weathered

求一首英文歌Weathered faces lined in pain 一张张饱经风霜与苦痛的脸,Are smoothed beneath the artist's Loving hand 在画家充满爱的笔下

一句英语,跪求!!给分weathered faces lined in pain //风化了的脸孔镌刻着的痛楚 are smoothed beneath the artist's loving hand.//画家用深情手去


谁能给我把 无法原谅(回家的诱惑片头曲)翻译成英文。(中文With blood and tears fall My heart is broken weathered Could not stop trembling hand Can not forgive We have Burn into

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