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1987年9月14日21时07分 中国第一封电子邮件 从北京发往德国 “越过长城,走向世界”

“1987年9月,CANET在北京计算机应用技术研究所内正式建成中国第一个国际互联网电子邮件节点,并于9月14日发出了中国第一封电子邮件:"Across the Great Wall we can...

we are come to的中文翻译 we are come to 我们来了 例句: When we are born, we cry, that we are come to this great stage of fools. 我们出生时都会大哭,因为我们到了这个充满白痴的伟大舞台。-莎士比亚。

6.— It would be great if you can play cards with us tomorrow.— ___A.I’d love to. Where shall we meet?B.I am not OK with that.C.Who ...

we face great odds, but we are armed with our courage, our hard work, an 我们面临着巨大的困难,但我们有着我们的勇气,我们的努力,一个伟大的工作



However, we would hereby make a great commitment to all of you that we will offer you warmer and warmer services by our practical action in the ...

24. The bay’s firststep caused great ___ in the family.A、exciteB、excitement...We have had too much rain.A、disappointB、disappointmentC、disappointed...

we hold great res peat for their cultural 我们为他们的文化拥有巨大的资源

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