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全球范围扩展商业渠道,符合商业利益in the interests of 为了.的利益========如有疑问,马上追问!祝学习进步========

student's life in 100 years will be so much different. we may use some high technological computer instead of paper books and pens. it may unnessary to have desk, because i believe that computer can float in the air. and it's reasonable that

Gap Inc. broke the mold earlier this year, offering a universal shopping experience between its legacy brands Gap, Old Navy and Banana Republic and its newest venture, Piperlime, a pureplay shoe shop selling many famous and popular brands.

一、含义不同1、teaching n. 教学;教义 例句:He is equipped with much experience in teaching.译文:他具有丰富的教学经验.2、education n. 教育;修养 例句:Education develops potential abilities.译文:教育能开发人的潜能.二、词汇搭

the pros and cons of mobile phones 手机的利弊 cell phones have become increasingly popular in china these days. wherever you go you can see people using cell phones. many college students, even high school students, have cell phones. cell


As the time goes by,i guess 100 years later ,the students may study at home in stead of study at school.As we know,the computer and internet technology is universalize in our country,and the new generation is always looking forward the free style of

1.-ize构成及不物动词表示“实行…” sympathize同情 2.-ize构成及物动词表示“产生…” crystalize结晶 3.-ize构成及物动词表示“使成为” revolutionize使革命化 4.-ize构成及物动词表示“照…法处理” bowdlerize删除不恰当之处 5.-ize构成及

My school life started when I was 3. At that time, I studied in nursery school. As a child, I felt happy every day.Then I went to the primary school. I spent six years learning lots of knowledge that I didn't know before. In summer 2009, I became a middle

I think student's life in 50 years will be quite different from ours today, they will not go to school to have some to study on the computer, they will ask their teachers or classmates for help by chatting on the Internet, They won't use paper, pens or

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