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我认为 ☆sharpay&ryan humu humu nuku nuku apua'a☆ ☆歌舞青春2(亚洲豪华超值版)☆ a long time ago in a land far away lived the pineapple princess,tiki. she was sweet as a peach in a pineapple way but so sad that she hardly speaky still,if

truly dead中文的意思是:真的死了.


英文书信结尾的客套话,意思是“你的忠诚的.”类似的还有“sincerely yours”等等.

I'll be your dreamI' ll be your wish我会是你的梦想,我会是你的愿望 I'll be your fantasy, I'll be your hope 我会是你的幻想,我会是你的希望 I'll be your love, be everything that you need 我会是你的爱、你所需要的一切 I love you more with every breath

row row row row your boat 中文意思:划、划、划、划你的船.row row row row your boat 出自Dora The Explorer的歌曲《Row, Row, Row Your Boat》.(1)row 英[r] 美[ro] n. 划船; 行,排; 吵闹; 路,街; vt. 划船; 使…成排; 与…进行

希望楼主满意,下面是我的翻译. (1)SUBSTITUTE teacher . Two words that strike fear in or bring laughter to classes everywhere .While it's true you never know what you're getting when a stranger enters the classesroom ,sometimes you really can

I like the Internet, but I do not indulge in the network, I think many people will bring the network life fun, but there are many hazards. As a student, I of course choose the health Internet. I spent most of the time online shopping on the Internet, I think

It is joy in the journey that turly matters 是强调句: 在旅途中,真正重要的是喜悦


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