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好歌阿.真诚的 疯狂的 深深的 这是字面意思听完整首歌就可以引申为一个疯狂深爱着你的人1道问题你问2遍干嘛?送分给我吧.


真诚的,疯狂的,深深的 savage garden演唱的,曾经是澳大利亚最红的2人组 这支双人团体在97年带来首张同名专辑、99年发表第二张专辑《Affirmation(认定)》,目前在全球累积销售超过两千万张.而主唱Darren Hayes温柔动人的嗓音,诠释每首耐人寻味的抒情歌曲,得到全球歌迷的肯定及支持,便使得Savage Garden成为家喻户晓的流行团体,在排行榜上创造“Truly Madly Deeply”、“I Want You”、“I Knew I Loved You”、“Animal Song”等红极一时的传唱歌曲.


Addicted: a. 沉溺于某种嗜好中的Examples:1. He is addicted to alcohol. 他嗜好喝酒.2. Smokers who inhale are likely to become addicted to nicotine. 吸烟的人容易对尼古丁上瘾.3. He's hooked on (ie addicted to) speed. 他使用安非他明已成瘾.

s, or king, queen, and others, the trick is often passed, and with knave led, if the second player holds ace, queen, etc., he us

listen baby 听着,宝贝 i wonder why sometimes we fall apart ..oh yeah 我纳闷为什么有些时候我们会闹矛盾 together we are so wonderfullyeah baby 我们在一起是多么完美的事情. and every single day i pray, that really things shouldn't never be

Gift, though small, emotional weight. No need to use the beautiful rhetoric, only honest words. I wish our friendship a long time heaven and earth

Artist: Selwyn Song: Negative Things Listen baby 听着,宝贝 I wonder why sometimes we fall apart ..oh yeah 我纳闷为什么有些时候我们会闹矛盾 Together we are so wonderfull………… yeah baby 我们在一起是多么完美的事情. And every

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