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toilet議響咄:哂 [tlt]、胆 ['tlt] n.牢返寂;恫宴匂;捕牢 匯、恫宴匂;渇邦瀧涌 Have you flushed the toilet?低喝嘩侭阻宅?屈、嘩侭;寮伏寂;鄲牢片 Every flat has its own bathroom and toilet.耽耗巷國脅揮嗤牢壽寂才鄲牢片.制婢

toy 羨蒙

晩囂:トイレ 袋瀧咄:to i re 鍬咎:嘩侭 匯違諒揃繁嘩侭壓陳戦音岷俊喘トイレ,トイレ載音猟苧,脅喘^お返牢い(おてあらい) ̄ 曳泌:すみません、お返牢いはどこですか. 泌惚諒揃傍トイレ議三,埋隼斤圭匆岑祇頁焚担,徽頁状誼低載音猟苧.トイレ母繁岻寂喘頁辛參議,母繁寂音喘椎担人耗阻. 晩囂:お返牢い 邪兆:おてあらい 袋瀧咄:o te a rai 鍬咎:牢返寂

toilet ,響咄:哂 ['tlt] 胆 ['tlt] 吭房:n. 嘩侭;鄲牢片;寮伏寂 簡祉喜塘:1、flash a toilet 喝嘩侭2、make a grand toilet 腹廾嬉亥3、public toilet 巷慌嘩侭4、pay toilet 辺継嘩侭 犢慇鞘:1、I clean my bathroom sink and toilet and



toilet: [ 'toilit ] n. 嘩侭,鄲牢片箭鞘嚥喘隈: 1. Where is the ladies' toilet? 溺嘩侭壓椎戦? 2. She spent an hour on her toilets. 慢雑阻匯弌扮捕弃嬉亥. 3. A room equipped with washing and often toilet facilities; a bathroom. 嘩侭宥械廾嗤賠牢才

toilet 響咄:哂 [tlt] 胆 [tlt]瞥吶:n. 嘩侭,鄲牢片;捕弃,嬉亥vi. 捕弃,嬉亥vt. 公´捕弃嬉亥箭鞘:1.The original kitchen was sandwiched between the breakfast room and the toilet. 釜型恷兜斜壓壼架愈才嘩侭岻寂.2.The toilet

哂-[tlt]胆-['tlt] 瞥吶 n. 嘩侭,鄲牢片;捕弃,嬉亥

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