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time是不可数名词。 所以没有many time, 也没有lot of time,要么是a lot of time,要么是lots of time lots of和a lot of是可以接可数名词复数以及不可数名词


spend a lot of time 花了很多时间 双语对照 例句: 1. Product designers spend a lot of time sketching. 产品设计师会花费大量的时间画草图。

 have a good time doing sth.

ot of 很多; 许多 I am spending a lot of money and time on this boat,但都很值得, but it is worth it. 我在这艘船上花了很多金钱和时间


At that time, rush the passage of light, we are not young. Looking back before casting haze of confusion a lot of memories from the past ... Love...

time lock 定时锁;定时锁程序块 时间锁;时间同步;时间锁定 例句筛选 1. By the time lock things, still wait time to open. 被时间锁住的东西,仍是要等时间来打开。 2. The number of milliseconds to wait before the database reports a ...


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