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think DiFFErEntly

Lily lost her book, and she was very worried,

different副词使动用法(嗯?英语里也有使动用法?),全句重点在different。。。 而differently则是赤裸裸的副词,做修饰,可省略。全句重点在Think.。。。 所以……就这样了吧


最准确的应该是“think differently” 次准确的是“think different” 不准确的是“think difference” 因为think是一个动词,可以用副词或形容词修饰。而...

1.One of the first reaction is about surface phenomenon of course 2. Clothes colors influence others mood and emotions 3. External image is an important part of the social success 4. Wearing different clothes,especially the fa...

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