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thErE is AlwAys

there always,表示总有某种状况 always someone,表示总有某个人

there be……句型是个固定句型,是“那儿有……”的意思 always是个副词,是加上去的,不算固定搭配 there is alway...意思是“那儿总是有……” 比如:There is always a beggar in front of the shop. 那个商店前面总是有一个乞丐。 不是可以加名词,而...


playground 操场

乖乖女是大明星里的The Climb Miley Cyrus I can almost see it. That dream I'm dreamin' but There's a voice inside my head saying you'll never reach it. Every step I'm taking. Every move I make feels Lost with no direction. My fai...

there is always a time in your life that is full of anxiety,but we have 你的生活中总是有一段充满焦虑的时刻,但我们有

There is always a lierso In my heart 我心里总是有一个人。

1 There is always some obstacle in the way, something ______ before we realize the real goal of education. 首先,obstacle是要被越过,所以...

—I don't seem to be very useful, do I? 看来好像用不到我是吗? —Don't say that. There's always another time, you know. 不要这样说,你知道总会有用的到你的时候。 希望能帮到你. ^-^

there is somebody always being with you.语法没有错误 这是现在分词作定语 相当于一个定语从句 =there is somebody who is always with you.

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