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thE DEAth oF A moth

小题1:of改为about小题2:his改为her小题3:去掉of小题4:unusually改为unusual小题5:meaning改为meant小题6:them改为it小题7:song改为songs小题8:listen改为listening小题9:shouted改为shout小题10:deal后面加with 试题分析:小题1:of改为about ...

Stitches - Shawn Mendes I thought that I've been hurt before But no one's ever left me quite this sore Your words cut deeper than a ...


我可能每月去看一次电影。 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

daughter 女儿 为你解答,如有帮助请采纳, 如对本题有疑问可追问,Good luck!

选D he said已经是过去式,by the end of the month 说明是过去的过去,所以用过去完成时

According to the plan(是要写plan“计划”吧)we'll take a month(应该是要写“月份”这个单词吧). 翻译是要翻译“根据数学考试”吗?如果是:According to the math exam

a who is the sister of Mary's brother

对 like those 提问:What shoes did you have a moth ago? 一个月前你有一些什么样的鞋? 用 a month before 替换:We’d had some shoes like those a moth before 再早以前的一个月前我曾有过像那些样子的鞋。【注:a moth before 必须与过去...

moth蛀虫 成为一条蛀虫要付出多大代价? 望采纳!

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