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六年级上册英语家具和室内用品的单词ready-to-wearclothes成衣 garments外衣 townclothes外衣 double-breastedsuit双排扣外衣 suit男外衣 dress女服 tailoredsuit女式西服 everyday

小学三年级英语上册服装类和家具类单词家具类 A Adjustable bed 可调床 Air bed 气床 Anti-slip strip for stairs (儿童床)防滑楼梯打击扶手 Antique furniture 古式

搜集英语单词分类(1)Egypt埃及 England 英国Estonia 爱沙尼亚Finland芬兰(2)蓝色blue 红色red 绿色green 橘红色orange 黑色black 棕色brown 黄色yellow

水果、动物、衣服、家具单词fig 无花果 apple 苹果 pear 梨 apricot 杏 peach 桃 grape 葡萄 banana 香蕉 pineapple 菠萝 plum 李子 watermelon 西瓜 orange

[Experimental] Spread Furniture Slow update acrossClosing this as I believe the other branch functions better, and with a more reasonable structure.

经编磨毛布英文怎么说_外语_匿名abandonment charge 背弃 费用 absolute par of exchange 绝对 外汇 平价 abritrage rate 套汇 汇率 abov

牛尔雪参紧致颈部原液怎么用 _百科_匿名_天The furniture had been handmade, assembled or carved from mahogany and cherry, and designed specifically for each room. It was nice,

有没有高手帮我翻译这段公司简介?To give full consideration to all types of customer needs with the use of technology to provide customers tailored best suit

Boys'schoolsaretheperfeBoys's【答案】【小题1】B 【小题2】A 【小题3】C 【小题4】A 【小题5】D 【答案解析】试题分析:

求一篇关于橱柜设计、家具设计方面的英文文often according to the owners of the requirements tailored to the designers, the quantity demand is too big, had to relax

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