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我的美国传统词典(英英)中,对staff中职员的意思的解释如下: pl.staffs A group of assistants to a manager,an executive,or another person in authority. A group of military officers assigned to assist a commanding officer in an executive or advisory capacity. 都是指群体,另外我找到的一个资料也表示美国不用staff表单个职员,他们专门有另一个词表示这个意思:staffer 具体详见下列网页,不过是繁体的,希望对你有所帮助吧,

under 在之下 staff 全体员工 所以和在一起,常用的是 understaffed,意思就是人手不够的 造句:The police force is understaffed.

1.I have been to Beijing before.我以前去过北京.2.We have a great time at the party.我们在舞会上度过了愉快的时光.3.He will go skating this Sunday.他这周日要去滑冰.4.I heard of his name before.我以前听说过他的名字.5.In fact, the student'

a snake eats little or nothing for (itself)in cold winter is really amazing.在寒冷的冬季蛇很少或不吃真是太令人惊奇了 求采纳~~~~

He sat there comfortably. 他舒适地坐在那儿.答题不容易,望采纳,谢谢!!!

风扇:there is a fan.(运动,电影等)狂热爱好者:he is a football fan.

The toy has a funny movement. 这玩具有个有趣的动作.

i work hard.i work at work is teacher.he work very hard.she work hard.

We have 56 nations (我们有56个名族)

the spirit is over town,waiting for me to hit the floor 精神是对城市,等着我打在地上 | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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