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be regarded as - 被公认为 例 : This should be regarded as an important principle. 这被公认为为一条重要的原则。 be seen as - 被看作/被视为 例 : The disaster was seen as a judgement from on high. 这一灾难被视为上天的惩罚。

be seen as的中文翻译_百度翻译 be seen as 被视为 全部释义和例句试试人工翻译 as_百度翻译 as 英[əz] 美[æz,əz] adv. 同样地,一样地; 例如; prep. 作为,以…的身份; 如同; conj. 由于; 像,像…一样; 同时,当…时; 尽管; [例句...


as seen 英[æz si:n] 美[æz sin] [词典] 看货买卖; [例句]The link also contains a reference to a template as seen in the snapshot. 链接还包含了对快照中所示模板的引用。

这里的left应该是leave的过去分词,until now只是插进来的,left to才是应该连在一起的,left to odd, low-level IT staff to put right, 所以这里的left to你应该知道是什么意思了。 这里的seen也是see的过去分词,而see是看的意思,所以根据文...

As can be seen from是定语从句,as做关系代词,代指整个主句。 As can be seen from:如图所示 例句: 1.As can be seen from the chart, great changes have taken place in. 从图表中可以看出,….发生巨大的变化。 2.As can be seen from the l...

She is widely seen as proof that good looks can lastforever. But,at over 500 years of age, time is catching up with the Mona Lisa. 她被广泛视为美貌可以lastforever的证明。但是,在超过500岁,时间是赶上蒙娜丽莎。 The health of the f...

这是定语从句,as做关系代词,代指整个主句 as we know,the earth is round as指的是the earth is round 你给的是半句As can be seen in the picture,there are 3 dogs

be think of as


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