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sandstorm 英 [sndst:m] 美 [sndst:rm] n.沙暴,尘暴 复数: sandstorms 双语例句1. His plane made a crash-landing during a sandstorm yesterday. 昨天他的飞机在沙尘暴中紧急降落.2. The men lost their way in a sandstorm. 这些士


n.沙暴,尘暴( sandstorm的名词复数 )[网络]沙尘暴;[例句]They had to contend first with wind and sandstorms.他们首先得同狂风和沙暴作斗争.[其他]形近词: sandstones

sandstorm Recently, sandstorms have swept across many cities and areas of North China, polluting the air and disturbing the daily lives of people who looked dirty in their appearance and suffered many kinds of illness including aspiratory


Sandstorms in Asia 模块4 亚洲的沙尘暴 Sandstorms in Asia 亚洲的沙尘暴 Sandstorms have been a major ① disaster for many Asian countries for centuries. 几世纪以来,沙尘暴一直是亚洲许多国家的主要灾难.Scientists have tried many ways

sandstorm 英 ['sndstm] 美 ['sndstrm] n. 大风沙;沙尘暴


Sandstorms are caused by strong winds blowing over loose soil or sand, and picking up so much of that material that visibility is reduced. In desert regions at certain times of the year, sandstorms become more frequent because the strong heating

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