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같 은`(喜欢) 슬픈.(悲伤) 아가씨^(思念)


不气馁 i [Don\'t be discouraged] 因为身前 i [Because the front] 是你的身影 i [Is your figure] 不胆怯 i [Don\'t afraid] 因为身旁 i [Because of the side] 有心爱之人 i [Have a loved one] Thank you for leaving 「谢谢你的离开」 Let ...

通讯录——주소록 祝你学习进步,更上一层楼! (*^__^*) 有不会的可以再问我:

□■□■□。 签名성숙은 마음이 늙다는 게 아니라 눈물을 눈에 머금은데 웃을 수 Ǿ...


不认识的网友... strangers 中专同学... secondary technical schoolmates 我的家人... families 好朋友... best frends 还有一个很重要的,不是女朋友。分组里就一个人。 the only

Remember that one day 记得有一天 I held your hand 我握住你的双手 And I kissed your li 亲吻你的双唇 Then I told you 然后告诉了你 Our love was mennt to be 我们的爱是命注定 And always will forever 而且会一直长久 Give me your happi...

Tagore said,“Eyes are raining for her, heart is holding umbrella for her, this is love”. 泰戈尔说:眼睛为她下着雨,心却为她打着伞,这就是爱情 Don’t forget the one who Helped you. Don’t hate the one who Loved you. Don’t Cheat th...

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