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梧爆兆:Only My Railgun 恬爆&園爆 - 伊直孑歴崗 恬簡 - 伊直孑歴崗/yuki-ka 梧返 - fripSide 嶄晩梧簡 式咄咎梧簡:慧(はな)て 伉(こころ)に 震(きざ)んだ 知(ゆめ)も隆栖(みらい)さえ 崔(お)き肇(さ)りにして 慧返杏 砺蝕丁震

ゞonly dreaming〃 V6 蓄れるまえ 埴の兆念 採業も採業も柵ぶね Ne mu re ru ma e kimio namaie na n domo nandomo yobune 知のなか 竃氏えますか それだけでいい Yu me no na ka tea e ma su ka so re da ke de i i (及屈蕗) 李まない 畷りも

嶄晩梧簡/頭邪兆/袋瀧咄 ha na te ko ko ro ni ki zan da yu me wo mi rai sa e o ki sa ri ni shi te 慧(はな)て!伉(こころ)に震(きざ)んだ知(ゆめ) を隆栖(みらい)さえ崔(お)き肇(ざ)りにして 慧敬丁震噐伉久議知觝洋汗 軸聞繍隆

Only Lonely處蟹:S.H.EDalalala´ 傍議否叟 嘉音否叟Dalalala´ 豊傍否叟 厘嘉否叟Dalalala´ 傍議否叟 嘉音否叟Dalalala´ 豊傍否叟 厘嘉否叟脅講厘三音湊氏傍 音嬬矯低蝕伉徽低匆嗤泣弌籾寄恂匯倖繁Shopping祥状誼偲眺艶繁脅壓禅握You're

After long enough of being alone鏡徭匯繁厮将湊消Everyone must face their share of loneliness椎芸偲眺悳誼覚鞭In my own time nobody knew壓厘議溝汽槙埖戦The pain I was goin' thru涙繁岑厘将鞭議逗祐And waitin' was all my heart could do

1. Teardrops Overture 0:472. Hunter & Prey 3:293. Change 3:594. Only Teardrops 3:025. What Are You Waiting For 3:366. Haunted Heart 3:357. Force of Nature 3:438. Beat the Speed of Sound 3:509. Soldier of Love 3:2510. Running In My Sleep 3:3811. Let It Fall 3:4912. Only Teardrops (Symphonic version) 3:18

Teardrops 梧返/赤錦: Malina Years ago I used to wanderFelt so wonky on my kneesI was feeling down and tiredAlways looking for relief And for a saviorWho'd finally raise my darkest thoughtsTo the sun I used my teardropsTo wash myself cleanI

Only Lonely 梧返:S.H.E 廨辞:謎暫唾殻 臥心嬉咫井 窟僕公挫嗔 only lonely - s.h.e - 謎暫唾殻 dalalala´.傍議否叟嘉音否叟傍議否叟嘉音否叟dalalala´.dalalala´.豊傍否叟厘嘉否叟豊傍否叟厘嘉否叟脅講厘三音湊氏傍音嬬矯低蝕伉徽低匆嗤泣

梧爆兆:Cant Believe梧返:墳咲茲廨辞:ShyBBMak - I Still BelieveThx Sonic for lyricWhen the world had nowhere to runOr how to hideI've been watching the world as it passes byTrying to climbbut I just can't find my feetBut I still believeDoesn't

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