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only onE翻译成中文是什么意思?


你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . 你就是我的唯一。



歌名:Only One 所属专辑:The Covers, Vol. 6 时长:3:35 歌手:陈以桐(Jason Chen) 歌词: Even though you've never loved me, you're the only one 即使你不再爱我,你依然是我的唯一 Even though you've really hurt me, you're the only...

中文歌词: BoA – Only One 走得越来越远的你 You’re the only one 就如我曾爱你那么多You’re the only one 但即使痛了又痛 即使像傻瓜般 Goodbye 即使再也见不到你You’re the only one only one 尴尬的面对面坐着 谈论着琐碎的事和互相问好 偶...

For you I gave my life, my everything, you were my reason why And you were true to me, and in our darkest hour, your love set me free You were the only one for me, what love was meant to be Forever you will be my love, all I ne...

You are the only one l love 你是唯一一个我爱的人

弄你玩【Only one(唯一)】

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