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nice day [词典] 美好的一天; [例句]'Well, a beautiful spring Thursday would probably be a nice day to be buried on,' Nancy joked. “嗯,一个美丽的春天的周四可能是个下葬的好日子。”南希开玩笑说。


I wish you a nice day 祝你愉快的一天 I wish you a nice day 祝你愉快的一天

Nice day 晴朗的一天 1. It's a nice day today. 今天天气很好。 2. It's a nice day let's go for a picnic. 天气真好--咱们去野餐游玩吧。 3. Oh, what a nice day! It's a good day to make call on some customer. 啊!天气真好!这是拜访客...

nice day [词典] 美好的一天; [网络] 好天气; 健俪雅; 好日子; [例句]Thank you and have a nice day. 感谢您和有好的一天。


have a nice day 和 have a good day没有实质上的区别,意义都是“拥有美好的一天”,意义基本相近。 have a nice day [词典](主美) [道别时用于表示良好的祝愿]祝你愉快。 [例句]Thank you and have a nice day.感谢您和有好的一天。 have a go...

你好! Thank you. And you too.

have a nice day 祝你一天过得愉快;得意的一天;祝你今天愉快 例句 1.Because I'm trying to relax and have a nice day. 因为我想放松放松开开心心过一天 2.When the sky is blue, we will feel happy to have a nice day. 碧蓝的天空可以给我...

Luckily, it is a nice day for walking in Shanghai.幸好,周二的上海天气晴好,走走路也无妨。 OK.? I guess it is a nice day for walking.? See you later.好的。我想这种好天气走走路不错。再见。 You see what a nice day it is today.你...

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