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few 首先明确few修饰可数名词words little是修饰不可数名词的 其次 a lttle ,a few 表示有一些 little,few表示几乎没有(毕竟比人家少了一个a 嘛) 根据前半句,这句话对你来说相当简单,得知,几乎没有生词 回答完毕,请评委亮分!

But How can you know where the new word is in the thousands of English words?

For English beginners, memorizing new words is necessary but difficult, and long lists of words and heavy vocabulary books make the effort seem impossible. They are puzzled why they try to memorize words with great efforts but ...


D 试题分析:A.come up with 提出 B.make up for组成 C.look up to 尊敬 D.end up in最终,以…结束;句意:在英语中,如果一些新的单词被连续使用了至少5年,那么它们最终就会被牛津英语字典收录。故选D点评:动词固定短语的考察是英语考试...

36 C stay the same 保持不变 37 A 38 B 新单词为新发明和新的思想 39 A 40 C come into use 词组 开始使用 41 C in a new way 以一种新方式 42 C 从其他语言借用的单词 43 C from 从 44 D come from 45 A too 肯定句中“也”, 前有逗号 46 B by ...

A 根据前文内容The English text is very easy,说明试卷很容易,同时a few,alitttle表示肯定句,而将a去掉,就变成否定句,同时根据后接名词new words表示可数名词复数,用few 来修饰,故选答案为A

小题1:Yes, it is. 小题2:Yes, they are.小题3:Chinese /It comes from Chinese.小题4:Smoke and fog /It comes from smoke and fog. 小题5:TV/TV is short from television. 小题1:根据The English language is changing all the time.可知为...


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