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nEithEr nor造句

1. Neither I nor you want to do such a boring thing. 你我都不想做这么麻烦的一件事.2. Neither the boy nor the girl knows where to go.那个男孩和女孩都不知道该去哪儿.3. Neither cold nor hot .既不冷也不热.

Neither I nor she knows. 她和我都不知道. He can neither read nor write. 他既不会读也不会写. He can neither see nor talk. 他耳不能听,口不能说. He had neither money nor position. 他既没钱也没地位. He is neither tall nor clever. 他既不高也不聪明.

Neither he nor his father can solve this problem.

neither you nor me love dogs. 你和我都不喜欢狗. I neither like tennis nor baketball. 篮球和网球我都不喜欢.

Neither he nor I like meat或者Neither I nor he likes meat

Neither Tom nor Jimmy wants to join me for the trip.

It's neither too cold nor too hot天气既不太冷也不太热neither nor 意为既不也不.

neithernor表示"既不……也不……".其含义是否定的,可连接任意两个并列的成份.例如: She likes neither butter nor cheese. 她既不喜欢黄油也不喜欢乳酪.此句中neithernor连接两个宾语.当neithernor连接两个主语时,也应遵循"就近原则".例如: Neither dad nor mum is at home today. 今天父母都不在家.

造句:Neither Anna nor I are interested in high finance. 安娜和我对巨额融资都不感兴趣.He has devised a process for making gold wires which neither corrode nor oxidise他设计了一种能够避免腐蚀或氧化的金丝制作流程.Whether or not he

就是既不也不的意思,如:Neither James nor Virginia was at home.she lives neither in New York nor in Boston. | | | | | 网站首页 | 网站地图
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