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My schoolbag is large. It is blue and black. The schoolbag with a picture of a talkative sheep and a panda is nice. And there are four parts in it. One part is big and the others are small. My schoolbag is heavy. There are many...

英文原文: where's my schoolbag 英式音标: where's [maɪ] [ˈskuːlbæɡ] 美式音标: where's [maɪ] [ˈskulˌbæɡ]


Excuse me,I lost my schoolbag 对不起,我丢了我的书包 (真诚回答每一道题,如果你觉得我的答案可行,记得按下好评的按钮,你的支持就是我的动力!)

答:     I have a blue school bag.I got it from my mother on my last birthday.There is a football it.I like ...

因为只有一个书包,where is my schoolbag 里面有。

My schoolbag is a blue, square bag made out of canvas. I got my schoolbag as a birthday gift from my grandmother. It is about 34 cm long and 24 cm tall. It is not too big, but it can hold many books and notes when I go to schoo...

My schoolbag! Hello!My Engilsh name is Forest .I have a new schoolbag. xiao xue 123 My schoolbag is vrey heavy,many books in my schoolbag.An English book,a Chines book and a math book...... xiao xue 123 My schoolbag have pleasa...

你好,很高兴在这里回答你的问题: . . . This is my schoolbag. 这是我的书包

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