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my CollECtion 的英语作文怎么写

Now a lot of people like to collect something, for example, stamps or coins 。I'm also a collector and my collection is telephone cards。Now,I have over one thousand cards. Each of them is a beautiful picture depicting almos...


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My collection Some people like collecting things. so do I. I am extremely interested in collecting various coins, for they can provide a chance for me to learn the history of countries. Coins are different from place to place. ...

I am many good collections. I have 20 ping-pong bolls,8basketballs,9 soccer balls and 10volleyballs.This is my sports collection.



I have a sports collection. I like sports very much. I have 8 basketballs,7 volleyballs and two tennis rackets. Every day I do sports with my friends.That makes me healthy.

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