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my best friend :my best friend is xiao lin,he is a strong boy and he is tall,his hair is short. he always help me with my english ,he is good at english,and our english teacher often ask us to learn from he. he has mang hobbies ,and they are different from

My Best Friend Hello, everyone! My name is Xing Xiaoqing. You can call me Cherry. I'm in Class 0506. Li Nan is my best friend. She's thirteen years old. Her birthday is on 3rd October and she was born in Shen Zhen. She lives with her family in

Li Yan,my best friend,is my classmate. She has big eyes. Her long hair is often plained.Sweet smile is often on her face,which makes her more lively. LiNan is very clever.She is good at her school subjects. She has won the school scholarship twice,


人夸奖她,Any student in my class who has trouble in study likes asking her for help. But she doesn't like others to praise her, because she thinks what she did is ordinary,使她显得更加活泼. LiNan is very clever. I feel proud to have such a friend

《My Best Friend》 My best friend My best friend is Kate. Were in the same class. She is 12 years old. She is a very beautiful girl, and always smiles. She has big eyes, a small mouth and long black hair. She always wears T-shirt and jeans. She is

My best friend is called Tom.He is 14 years old.He is a handsome boy.He is tall and has a medium build.His hair is short black and straight.We always play together.He is friendly and funny boy.He always helps others.When I get into a trouble he

my friend i have a good friend. she is a pretty girl. she lives in jiujiang. she is a middle school student. she has big eyes, a small mouth, a small nose and a round face. she is tall and thin. she likes watching tv and playing the basketball. on the

My best Friend LiMei,She is good at her school subjects. She has won the school scholarship twice,I always take her as my model in study. She tells me that we should make good use of time.LiMei is kind-hearted and is always ready to help others,

.My best friend and I get along with each other quite well.But we are so different.He is funnier,more outgoing than I am and i'm more serious.He is more athletic and likes to play all kinds of sports but I am smarter on study.My friend is wilder than me

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