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make me feel good的意思是让我感觉很好。 这里make的意识是使得。 make的用法: 1. make +宾语+名词(作宾语补足语) Most pop singers make music their career. 大多数流行歌手把音乐当作他们的职业。 Bill Gates’ Microsoft makes him a phe...

yes!!youmakemefeelgood 是的!你让我感觉很好

no news of you. l feel good [译]没有你的消息。我感觉很好 亲,我的回答你满意吗? 如果我的回答对你有用的话, 请采纳一下哦! 采纳之后你也将获得5财富值奖励!


make you feel good 让你感觉很好 双语例句 1. Does it make you feel good and give you pep? 那些玩意是不是让你感觉很好而且充满活力? 2. Walking can make you feel good, help you relax and sleep well. 散步可以使你感觉很好, 帮助你放松...

是这首 Charli XCX - Boom Clap 望采纳,谢谢。

是you make me feel … 歌手cobra starship 歌词是you make me feel that 应该是对的吧?! Girl I've been all over the world [00:17.10]Looking for you [00:18.86] [00:21.02]I'm known for taking what I think I deserve [00:24.37]And you'...

歌曲名:you make me feel good 歌手:佚名 jensin制作 To start it off I know you know me To come to think of it, it was only last week. That I had a dream about us, oh. That's why I am here, I'm writing this song. To tell the truth...

Johnny Lytle - Baby, You Make Me Feel So Good

Boom Clap-Charli Xcx是这首吗?

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