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mAkE surE和BE surE

▲make sure意为“确保”“弄清楚”,后接介词短语、不定式或从句.如:(1)have you made sure of the time of the train?火车开车的时间你搞清楚了吗?(2)he arrived at the cinema early to make sure of a seat.为保证搞到座位,他一大早

make sure 一般用在句首,类似副词;make sure: To establish something without doubt; make certain: 弄清楚;确保 如Make sure he writes it down. to be sure 自然, 固然 当然, 的确, 一定 哎呀, 真的! 一点不假! Well, I am sure!(=to be sure

make sure 确保be sure 相信

make sure 一般用在句首,前面美有主语,表确定,证实;而be sure 前有主语,一般为sb. be sure to do sth./of sth./that

make sure含有提醒的意思. 例如Make sure turn off the light when you are out. (出门前,请确定关好灯) be sure就是当然的意思 例如 Are you a boy? I'm sure.

一、make sure表示“弄确实;核实;查证”.make sure常用于祈使句,后面常接that宾语从句或of介词短语.1、Make sure + that从句意为“弄明白;确信”.2、Make sure + of + 代词/名词,意思也是“弄明白;确信”.例如: Make sure

make sure 后面可以加of sth or that 从句,意思为确保、保证. E.g. They scored another goal and make sure of the victory. Make sure that he will win the competition.而对于 be sure about,在一定程度上 与 be sure of 相似,但没be sure of 用的多,后面长跟sth,意思为确信,肯定.E.g. I am not sure about the thing.

make sure 是确保的意思be sure that 是有把握,一定的意思

make sure 是确认 确保的意思 be sure 是 肯定 一定的意思 翻译成中文其实差不多 但是make sure 表动作 be sure 表状态 所以这句话里用be sure 如果用make sure的话 句子就要改成 i want to make sure (that) you'll go home early tonight

make sure 是确定的意思. to make sure 是为了确定的意思. 可以说后者是前者的将来时. 谢谢

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