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It's been said and done 一曲已尽 Every beautiful thought's been already sung 曼妙的旋律只空留回音 And I guess right now here's another one 不过现在又有一首天籁响起 So your melody will play on and on, 你独留的韵律 会持续彻响云霄 with


【最佳答案】 SelenaGomez&theScene-LoveYouLikeaLoveSong?试听: 2011-12-31荐 英文歌:歌词|英文歌:loveyou|英文歌:baby|英文歌:beautiful 或歌曲名:Can'tTakeMyEyesOffYou 原唱:FrankieValli 作曲:BobGaudio 作词:

Endless, well be together always And I will hold forever This love that we have come to know We'll always stay In love this way Until forever and a day And I will never ever change'Cause you are all my eyes can see It's everlasting Bridge:Promise that

赛琳娜戈麦斯 Love You Like A Love Song 不过我建议你找个男的翻唱的 在优酷就能找到,比原唱唱的都好 很棒的(我们每个人都要传送爱与帮助的力量,如果能帮助您请点击“好评”)

赛琳娜戈麦斯 love you like a love song 不过我建议你找个男的翻唱的 在优酷就能找到,比原唱唱的都好 很棒的(我们每个人都要传送爱与帮助的力量,如果能帮助您请点击“好评”)

你说的一定是这首歌 SelenaGomez&theScene-《LoveYouLikeaLoveSong》 It'sbeensaidanddone Everybeautifulthought'sbeenalreadysung AndIguessrightnowhere'sanotherone Soyourmelodywillplayonandon, withbestweown Youarebeautiful,

boyyouplayed throughmymindlikeasymphony There',baby AndIkeepitinre-pe-pe-peat I;sbeenalreadysung AndIguessrightnowhere',Iloveyoulikealovesong,Iloveyoulikealovesong,Iloveyoulikealovesong, likeadreamcomealive,Iloveyoulikealovesong,baby I

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