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歌曲名:Life Is Hard 歌手:Bob Dylan 专辑:Together Through Life Forza Mlian By Eric Life is Hard Bob Dylan Together Through Life The evening winds are still I’ve lost the way and will can’t carry you where they will I just know w...

生活有时很艰辛 Sometimes we see things are not easy to do. Sometimes we are alone. 有时我们知道事情做起来并不容易。 我们有时会孤单 Sometimes people just can not understang us 有时人们往往不会理解我们。. Sometimes things get out...

life was hard and cam was 生活是艰难的,凸轮 Life was hard, and it became harder as the war progressed. 那时候生活很艰难,并且随着战争的持续愈发艰难了。

A girl complained to her father about her bad life,. She did not know what to do and wanted to give up. She felt tired and tired after fighting and fighting. One project had been finished and the other would come again. Her fat...




是这样吧:No matter how hard sometimes life can get. 《华丽转身》第九集,方力申教钟嘉欣弹钢琴时候放的一首英文插曲。 歌名:Here For You 作曲:陈国梁 作词:蔡玮瑜 演唱:蔡玮瑜 部分歌词: I"m always here for you No matter how hard...

生活是否一直如此艰难,还是只有当你是个孩子时才如此?或者简单点:人生总是这么苦么,还是只有童年苦? 这是电影《这个杀手不太冷》里面的台词吧 ,里头的小姑娘家人被杀后,她问leo的一句话。leo的回答是Always like this。一直这么苦。

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