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it is on thE housE

on the house 就是免费的意思,就是店家请客 例如: The beers are on the house tonight. 今晚的啤酒都免费。

这是非常口语化的用法, 这是免费的, it 指的是帐单,直译的话 帐算在这所房子上,就是指店家付帐的意思

when的对的。 句子里有副词exactly,确切地,when sth happen / take place / break out...exactly,“。。。某事发生的确切时间”,符合搭配,而why表示原因,是不能与exactly搭配的。如果句子里没有exactly,那么用when和why都是对的。 (你提问...

it's like the first time 初次相遇般难舍难离 Just...Standing outside my house 呆站在我家门外 Trying...Please, what else is on 拜托,还有什么新花样 ...

6、On ___ in London, Smith went to see the House of Parliament. (1分...8、The planets are so far away that it is impossible ___ in miles.(1...

不对吧,它的意思应该是住这个房子已经10年了,has lived, 是已经被住,是完成时的被动语态,,,

是的, 等于in which 如不明白请追问,要是满意请【采纳】 祝学习进步

不是,be located in\ on 坐落于。。。,位于。。。。,located是形容词,形容词短语作状语。 eg: tired and excited ,we climbed on the top of the moutain.

I'm a tie her to the bed and set this house on fireJust gonna stand...On down the roadThere is one thing I can't denyIt's not good-byeYou...

It's on the house. 老板买单。完全免费。 这是一个美国俚语,意思是主人买单、由公家或老板付钱、完全免费,就等于it's free。 再如: This hotel serves an afternoon tea, that's on the house. 这家旅馆提供免费下午茶。

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