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"智能化" 英文对照 intellectualized intelligentize "智能化" 在学术文献中的解释 1、按人工智能的定义,智能化是指使对象具备灵敏准确的感知功能、正确的思维与判断功能以及行之有效的执行功能而进行的工作 2、智能化经济预测方法的含

POWER BANK移动电源短语Math power assessment bank 其他学科也都有专用的工具软件Power capacitor bank 电力电容器组 ; 电容器组Jet Power Bank 统振股份有限公司相关例句:The latent power of bank hasn't been tapped deeeply. No

POWER BANK 网络 移动电源; 充电宝; [例句]Analysis of the Crack Reason of Neutral Point Current Transformer in CompletePower Capacitor Bank成套电容器组中性点电流互感器开裂原因的分析power 英[pa(r)] 美[pa] n. 力量; [机] 动力,功率; 政权,权力; 强国,大国; vt. 运转; 用发动机发动; 使…有力量; vi. 靠动力行进; 快速行进;

Abstract in technical high speed development today, an automated time, traffic light with computer connect closely. A good traffic light control system to will control the traffic congestion, violates regulations the aspect to give the enormous boost.

The cantilever roadheader intelligent development directionThe cantilever tunneler is a complete cutting load coal rock and can be reproduced themselves with spray out walking function such as dust of roadway excavation joint unit cantilever part of

OPPO的REAL手机目前有T5,T9两款,F19属于商务手机.没有REAL PLAY.可以到OPPO官方网站查询一下.F19,2.8寸屏,硬屏触摸技术,PIM (Power Intellectualized Management )功耗智能管理系统,实用商旅助理.还不错.

The content abstract” in the power supply system, the normal operation, the failure In transformer substation from moves in the domain, the intellectualized electricity's

OPPO T5手机(即将上市)参数基本参数 网络制式 GSM 900/1800 手机外形 直板 主屏尺寸 2.4英寸 主屏材质 TFT 主屏色彩 彩屏,26万色 主屏参数 240*320像素 标准配置 900毫安锂电池,旅行充电器,耳机,数据线,说明书 外壳颜色 凯蒂粉


The term, called intelligentize, has been increasingly integrated into our daily life and work in recent years. Sin

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