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adv.无疑地,确实地例句:1. He was, indubitably, the most suitable candidate. 他无疑是最合适的人选.

indubitably补充: 像-able接尾的形容词,副词形式都是把-able换成-ably

absolutely, actually, admittedly, as a matter of fact, assuredly, authentically, beyond doubt, categorically, certainly, de facto, easily, for real, genuinely, honestly, in actuality, indeed, indubitably, in effect, in fact, in point of fact, in reality, legitimately,

英语被公认是世界上最难学习的一门语言之一,它的正字法(English orthography)极其不规则.精细琐碎的发音,令人捉摸不透的动词词性变化,还有看起来完全没有道理的发音规则让英语有时候令人十分头痛有时甚至对英语为母语国家

I think this question is rather personal, that is to say, the standards should vary from person to person. From my individual perspective, a boyfriend/girlfriend should be responsible, reliable and very serious about commitments. He/she should give his/

Parents how their children did not provide a free and easy with the pressure atmosphere of the learning environment? View: Most now only one child, in a competitive society, parents hope their children every Jackie Chan Cheng-feng, the child's

心态决定状态,心胸决定格局,眼界决定境界.当你的眼泪忍不住要流出来的时候,睁大眼睛,千万别眨眼,你会看到世界由清晰到模糊的全过程.这是简爱的简介,供你参考,尽量用自己的话改一改. Jane Eyre, is a poor orphan with a

ORC的: 剑圣- (英雄,城镇中心) =建造音效= - I obey the six vengance! (原帖都没翻译obey是执行的意思,vengance,复仇,报仇,连起来我也不知道.我执行这6个复仇?不通顺) =选定音效= - I am yours! 我属于你! - Ohh! 噢!

1、The pact is sealed! 契约已订!2、You called? 你召唤我吗?3、My patience has ended! 我的耐心已尽!4、I am the Darkness! 我就是黑暗!5、My vengence is yours! 你就是我的复仇!6、Let battle be joined! 加入战斗!7、As you

Heart is the engine of body, brain is the resource of thought, and great films are the mirrors of life. Indubitably, “Jane Eyer” is one of them.In this era of rapid social and technological change leading to increasing life complexity and psychological

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