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i wAnnA 系列游戏求解!!!新人在线等

我来告诉你,want to want me,一定对


Flower Dance


可以的。这是省略句,Why 后面实际上省略了一个完整的句子。 et --- He told me that he wouldn't come to your party --- I want to know why (he wouldn't come to my party) 供参考。

Lady (You Bring Me Up) ---Lionel Richie 要么 LADY----KENNY ROGERS

英文版本的? Me:Excuse me! Ticket conductor:Yes? May I help you? Me:Sorry, I just want to know can I change the ticket? TC:What's the problem? Me:I am going to FuZhou with my friend and I want two lower tickets, but there is on...

I want to be a headmaster I want to be a headmaster when I grow up. I think that’s a good job. My school is in the forest. It’s very beautiful. I go to work by Benz at eight o’clock in the morning. The teachers in my school are...

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