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i hEAr you是什么意思

意思是:我听不见你说话。 hear作为及物动词,后面直接加名词。区别于listen(不及物),后面常加to,表示听,例如listen to the song听歌。



应该是曲婉婷演唱的歌曲《Drenched》,由曲婉婷作词作曲,这首歌也是电影《春娇与志明》的插曲,收录在专辑《Drenched》中。 歌词: When minutes become hours 当分钟成为小时 When days become years 当日子变成年头。 And I don’t know where...

Should it mattter I look at you Please don't walk away I see you're about to There is just something I'd really like to say So please don't walk away I know that you're there Still you pretend you're not Yes I know it hurts I h...

How long have you stayed there? 你还在那里,问你在那边已经住了多久。你有可能会继续住下去。 How long did you stay there? 你已经回来了,问你当时在那边住了多久。

Glad to hear from you 很高兴收到你的来信 双语例句 1 Speaking. Hi, Carol. I'm glad to hear from you. 我就是。嗨,卡洛。真高兴听到你的声音。 2 I will be very glad to hear from you, so that i can take my final decision. 我会很高兴...

英语大片里常有的 你的意思对 还有 我听到啦 的意思 有时候会有些抱怨的意思 关键看使用环境

I give you hear 全部释义和例句>> 我给你听 Dad, I'll give you got to hear that you like the song, I wish the old man happy! 老爸,我给你找来你喜欢听的那首曲子了,祝老爸开心!

“Die Young” Kesha 唱的 歌词: I hear your heart beat to the beat of the drums Oh what a shame that you came here with someone So while you're here in my arms Let's make the most of the night like we're gonna die young We're gon...

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