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i CAn;t stAnD it是什么意思

i can;t stand it 我可受不了; 双语对照 例句: 1. I just don't knowhow I can stand it. 我不知道我能不能承受.

stand 英 [stænd] 美 [stænd] vi. 站立;位于;停滞 vt. 使站立;忍受;抵抗。。。 就是有忍受的意思

stand 的意思是 站,站住 但 stand + 另一个单词意思就不同了, stand up 站起来 stand down 下台 stand for 代表,支持,主张 can't stand sb 讨厌某人 请看例句: We don't stand here, it's too dangerous 我们不会站在这里,这里太危险 We a...



歌曲名称 I Can't Stand It Anymore 歌手姓名 Balzac 专辑名称 Out of the Grave and into the Dark I Can't Stand It Anymore 歌词 In our youth, a simple life, filled with things we love Then and now we see and realize the conflicts t...

从字面意思来说,第一个表示我并不介意,第二个表示我不能忍受,也就是说这两句话表达的语气,程度不一样,后者语气更强烈,程度更深一点。 相同之处在于,如果两者后面接动词的话,必须用动词的ing形式。

i can't stand it 我受不了;我受不了了;我忍受不了 例句 1.They always use themselves as the center, I can't stand it. 他们总是以自我为中心,我受不了它。 2.I am not in the mood for being gentle and polite. If you can't stand it, ...


歌曲名:I Can'T Stand It 歌手:Eric Clapton 专辑:The Cream Of Clapton You've been told So maybe it's time that you learned. You've been sold Maybe it's time that you earned. I can't stand it. You're fooling around, I can't stand ...

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