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how ABout thE BluEonE是什么意思

how about the blue one? 那蓝色的怎么样? how about 英 [hau əˈbaut] 美 [haʊ əˈbaʊt] 词典 …怎么样,…怎么办 怎么样; 如何; 怎样 1 Are your products and services competitive? How about marketing? 你们的...

在前面出现过同类的东西是可以用……one 比如:——I don`t like the black T-shirt. ——what a about the white one? ——我不喜欢黑色的T-恤。 ——那白色的呢?

这件怎么样?How about this?恩,有没有蓝色的?Yeah,is there have a blue one ?是,当然有.给您.Yes,of cause.Here you are.这件衣服多少钱?How much is...

simple plan的《happy together》 happy together快乐的一起 imagine me and you, i do想想你和我,我在想 i think about you day and night, it's...

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