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I don't have a head for business.我没有生意头脑.很高兴为您解答!有不明白的可以追问!如果您认可我的回答.请点击下面的【选为满意回答】按钮,谢谢!

Head for the world to make Head for the world to make an own contribution completely for the Chinese fine chemical engineeringan own contribution completely for the Chinese fine chemical engineering

get on,the train is about to leave.,Let's get on.火车马上就要开了,咱们上车吧.head for Soem one likes to head for the beach to cool off.一些人喜欢到海滩来凉快凉快.pull over,Please pull over and stop over there.请靠边,在那儿停下来 get off which station we should get off?我们在哪个站下车?

pull on穿上,戴上It is cold today.Why do you pull on your thick clothes?

1. PHRASAL VERB(在参考书、列表等中)查检(事实或信息) If you look up a fact or a piece of information, you find it out by looking in something such as a reference book or a list. I looked your address up in the personnel file 我在人事档案

get over (使)渡过, (使)穿过 He got over while the traffic was stopped.车辆停下来时, 他过了马路.They got him over somehow.他们设法帮他过去.传送 He gets over well when he wants to.他想说什么, 都能表达自如.They got the play

Be quiet and get on with your work.安静下来, 继续做你们的工作.They got off the bus and walked away.他们下车后就走了.Do you have any interesting books ?你有一些有趣的书吗?Did you go to see the film ?你去了看电影吗? 暮春小爱 -这位同志啊!!别误导,did you go swimming tomorrow? 很明显就有时态错误啊?!

head for是“朝着”一个地方去的意思. hit是“碰到”,而不是一定有预先固定的方向.

1:concentrate your energy on your job and successfully complete it. Only with hard work_would you expect__(你能期待)to get a pay rise.(expect)2:she_must have sent_(肯定已经寄过)a letter to her mother .for

set off: 出发,侧重于去某个地方 例句与用法: if you want to catch that train we'd better set off for the station immediately. 你要是想赶上那班火车,咱们就最好马上动身去火车站. they've set off on a journey round the world. 他们已经开始环游世

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