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fear [英][f(r)][美][fr] n.害怕; 可能性; (对神等的)敬畏; 忧虑; vt.畏惧; 害怕; 为…忧虑(或担心、焦虑); 敬畏(神等); vi.害怕; 忧虑; 感到害怕; 惧怕; 第三人称单数:fears 现在进行时:fearing 过去式:feared 过去分词:feared 例句: must ignore your fear. 你必须摒弃你的恐惧. stink of fear! 你充满恐惧的臭味!

fearn.1. 害怕,恐惧[C][U][(+of)][+(that)]She has a great fear of water.她很怕水.2. 可能性[U][(+of)][+(that)]There is no fear that he'll be late.他不会迟到的.3. 担心,忧虑[C][+(that)]My worst fears were quickly realized.我最大的忧虑很快成了现实.4.

fear 英[f(r)] 美[fr] n. 害怕; 可能性; (对神等的) 敬畏; 忧虑; vt. 害怕; 畏惧; 为…忧虑(或担心、焦虑); 敬畏(神等); vi. 害怕; 惧怕; 忧虑; 感到害怕; [例句]I was sitting on the floor shivering with fear.我坐在地板上,吓得发抖.[其他] 第三人称单数:fears 现在分词:fearing 过去式:feared 过去分词:feared

fear[fiE]n.恐怖, 害怕, 担心, 敬畏v.害怕, 畏惧, 为担心, 敬畏(神等)

fear 意思是害怕.它是动词,与be afraid往往可以通用,但不如 be afraid常用

No fear翻译为:绝不,当然不;无畏无惧,不害怕 例句1:There is on hope, no fear for you. 对于你,这里没有希望,没有恐怖.例句2:They feel no fear, why should you? 它们不会感到害怕,为什麽你要?fear的用法1、释义 n. 害怕;恐惧;敬畏

那英文的意思是 恐惧

no fear in my heart中文意思:我心中无恐惧.no的意思是没有,fear的意思害怕,恐惧.in的意思是在,in my heart的意思是在我心中.综合得到我心中没有恐惧.fear英 [f(r)] 美 [fr] n.害怕;可能性;(对神等的)敬畏;忧虑 vt.害怕;畏惧

courage fear勇气,恐惧双语对照例句:1.Courage is fear that has said its prayers. 勇气是祷告过的恐惧.2.He was animated now with the courage of fear. 现在,由于恐惧而产生的勇气已经使他振奋起来.3.Just ask for help everybody needs a little help from time-to-time, but it takes courage to ask for fear of rejection. 乐于求人每个人时不时地都需要他人的一些帮助,但因为害怕被拒绝,求助需要勇气.

恐惧 / 害怕

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