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be due to do 按理该做某事;按期;预定要做某事 例句 1.And also back to you, and may be due to some reason you do not receive. 同时也给您回复了,可能是由于某些原因您没收到。 2.If this was the case there would be nothing to do, du...

due to是副词,表原因due to doing sth 可以的,+名词性成分,名词,动名词都可以 be due to doing sth 不可以

due to doing sth 因为这里的to 是介词,介词后面跟动名词,即动词ing形式。又如:look forward to doing sth 是一样的道理

正确。be due……一般是指计划中的事情,应该做的事情。

Be due to do sth. 因做某事 双语对照 例句: 1. Part of this is due to past outcomes. 造成这种局面的部分原因是历史经验。

due 到期,截至

尽量把介词短语放在句末或句首,这样句子紧凑。另外在某种程度上,用 to certain extent ,不要 a 。


因为to在这里属于介词,所以加动名词或者名词 类似的还有 look forward to doing sth 动词+介词to+动名词作宾语结构。 这一种结构是考试中的大热考点,考生容易产生定势思维,想当然的认为“to”之后要跟"to do"不定式,所以,请特别重视下列含有“...

他在预期中没料到在办公室再待一个小时 这里的due意思是expected to happen or arrive at a particular time 牛津高阶英语词典: due adjective, noun, adverb adjective caused by [not before noun] ~ to sth/sb caused by sb/sth; because of...

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