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have come to do sth 来做某事 已经开始做某事 双语例句 1 He must have come to know those philosophers through secondary ortertiary sources. 他一定是通过第二手或第三手资料了解那些哲学家的。 2 And they have come to expect retailers...

come to do 含义: 来做某事情。 语法: to为动词不定式符号。 双语例句:he came to work. 他来上班。 I've come to ask you to do me a favour. 我来这儿是想请你帮个忙。 come to doing 含义: come close to doing 有机会做某事 come close ...

一般是come to somewhere"来到某地";另外,come作为一个位移动词,可以用进行时表示将来,如:He is coming to school the day after tomorrow."他后天将会来学校。"其他与come相关的词组肯定是不少的,自己看下辞典吧。

come to do come to doing come to do sth表示来做某事 例:When will you come to help me? 你什么时候来帮我? come to n/doing表示提到...谈论到... 结构一般是when it comes to doing/n,,这里doing是动名词形式 例: When it comes to diet...

不定式作目的状语,表来的目的。 例句:The came to help us at once. 他们立刻来帮助我们。

come up with sth to do sth,可以这么用,但不能直接在come up with 后面接to do

句式不完整不能确定百分百的成分。 假如句式是 sb. come to do sth. 那在这里的不定式就是做宾语。


表达目的 来看比赛come to watch the sports game

1.大概没有 因为只有说come on 而没有加 to 2.grow vi. 1. 成长,生长;发育 She has grown into a beautiful young lady. 她长成一位年轻漂亮的女子。 2. 增大,增加;发展 John's reputation is growing fast. 约翰的名声正在迅速扩大。 3. 渐渐变...

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