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By Doing sth造句

1. I study Chinese by taking notes .【我通过记笔记来学习语文】2. I study Chinese by asking teather for help 【我通过向老师提出帮助来学习语文】3. I study Chinese by listening to tapes 【我通过听磁带的方法来学习语文】

by doing sth.造句

by doing sth 网络 通过做; 做某事; 通过做; [例句]By doing sth, we become more and more sturdy and powerful.通过做某事,我们变得越来越坚强和有力量.

clean the blackbord open the door finish your homework help me catch the ball2. don't close the door don't play football on the street don't break the chairs don't help him don't shout 3. no smoking no shouting no swimming no running no parking

I learn english by reading newspaper I learn english by llistening english song 就是这一类的 自己要多思考啊这种的很简单的.

1. We should learn English by using it.2. He made some mixture by putting some vinegar into castor oil3. She won first place in the examination by working hard4. They solved the problem by consulting the wise man.5. Crusoe protected himself by pacing some guns in the holes, pointing outwards.

“doing is living. “doing is better than speaking

正确表达是:【make+sth/doing sth+形容词】或者:【make+形式宾语it+形容词+to do sth】举例:i'll make you happy when you're sad. 在你伤心的时候我会使你高兴起来.举例二:china makes going to the space possible. 中国使去太空成为了

1.By doing we learn. 经一事,长一智. 2.By doing nothing we learn to do ill. 闲逸是万恶之源. 3.I wonder what he is at by doing so. 我不知道他这样做是什么意思. 4.By doing so you will wash away your sins. 这样做你会洗去你的罪过.

看情况,如果事情未做就用do sth.,做了就用doing sth.如:不要错误地来处理这件事.don't make a mistake to deal with this thing. (应该有to,因为这里make并非使役动词.) 你在这件事情的处理上犯了错误.you made a mistake dealing with this thing.不要

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