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I can tell you're lookin at me I know what you see Any closer and you'll feel the heat 我可以告诉你,我知道我盯著你看任何靠近,你将感觉到热量 You don't have to pretend that you didn't notice me Every look will make it hard to bre...

Bring it all back now 现在找回自己 Don’t stop,never give up 不要停止,不要放弃 Hold your head high 高昂起头 and reach the top 到达顶峰 Let the world see what you have got 让世界看到你的所有 Bring it all back to you ( bring it al...

疑空前缺主语"I",可用一般将来时:I will borrow another one.

It's said that p&G will bring out out a new product next week.

lt may also bring out ln just ice if s...的中文翻译 lt may also bring out ln just ice if strict supervision is not in place 如果严格的监管不到位,它可能也会带来

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