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He crammed all his books into the small bookcase.


He sat there comfortably. 他舒适地坐在那儿.答题不容易,望采纳,谢谢!!!

adj渐渐的;逐渐的;不陡峭的 The result is a gradual improvement in his patient.结果是他的病人在逐渐恢复.

gradual consistent prograss造句 如下:the gradual and consistent progress has far-reaching implications.渐进一致的进展影响深远.

最简单的:Good morning!I go to school in the morning.

Floor is on the bed. Keys are in the dersser. Bookcase is in the room. My backpa is under the chair. The pen is in the drawer. 某些词合起来了..不介意吧..如果不行..我重写哈、

beautifully是beautiful的副词,是拿来修饰动词和形容词的!the book is the most beautifully painted one on the shelf.这本书是架上绘画最美的一本.用beautifully来修饰painted (adj.).she danced most beautifully in the contest.她是比赛中跳舞跳得最美的.用beautifully来修饰dance (v.).

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