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BE tough

be tough:是坚强点的意思。 I‘m too young to retire, but I‘m old enough to know better than to answer a question like that. 我退休的太早了,但是我却足够成熟的知道不回答这个问题比较好。

I can be tough , I can be strong 我可以彪悍,我可以坚强 But with you, it's not like that at all 但面对你时,完全变了样 ...

whoever hurts you,be tough 不管是谁伤害了你,是艰难的 双语对照 例句: 1. In this dog-eat-dog world you must be tough to stay alive. 再这个人吃人的世界一定要坚强才能存活。 2. Don't be so tough. You need to be patient with your s...

whatever happens,just be tough. 无论发生什么事,你都要坚强。 其实中间省略了, whatever happens, you should just be tough. whatever happens: 不管发生什么事,不管出现什么情况. tough:adj. 坚强的,坚韧的,不屈不挠的;(形容人 ) 艰苦...

一般是用with 希望采纳谢谢

要真实点 要坚强点 内心坚强点 学坏点

I wish you were here

对 ... 很严格

be-in-a-tough-situation 在严峻的形势 双语例句 1. The verb " dance " is regular, but the verb " be " is not. 动词 dance 的变化是规则的, 但be的变化是不规则的. 2. Instead of complaining about what's wrong, be grateful for what's r...


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