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有一种微妙的差别.二者汉语上都有魅力的意思.但attraction侧重于一种抽象的概念,是一种典型的名词,侧重与陈述.而attractiveness是一种形容词的名词结构,侧重于表达感受,往往用于有形容词结构转换为名词结构的句子中.比如:it is attractive 变为 I'm impressived by its attractiveness.会更生动些.(个人语感哈,多多指教)

attractiveness --------------------吸引力attractions ----------------------1. 吸引, 诱惑力2. 具有吸引力的事物3. (尤指两性间的)爱慕,吸引 4. 有吸引力的特征(或品质、人)


AMES的全称为Adolescent Measure of Empathy & Sympathy这是一个关于青少年的测量量表,具体如下:For each statement, please indicate how often this occurs1. I can easily tell how others are feeling.2. I feel sorry for a friend who feels sad.3.

Physical attractiveness From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Jump to: navigation, search Physical attractiveness is the perception of the physical traits of an individual human person as pleasing or beautiful. It can include various implications, such

What do you look for in a potential date? Sincerity? Good looks? Character? Conversational ability? Asked to rank such attributes, most intellectuals put physical attractiveness near the bottom of the list. Of course. Sophisticated, intelligent people

total-attractiveness-score总吸引力评分total 总计的(金额等); 全部的; 完全的; 绝对的; 举例一:The England cricket team scored quite a useful total.英格兰板球队得分总数令人满意.举例二:This provision gives the president total and unchecked power.这条规定赋予了总统绝对及不受约束的权力.举例三:He was the sole proprietor with total management control.他是唯一业主,掌握全部管理权.

adj. 吸引人的, 有魅力的 attractiveness

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