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At this timE oF yEAr是什么意思

at this time of year [英][æt ðis taim ɔv jə:][美][æt ðɪs taɪm ʌv jɪr] 在(一年的)这个时节里; 例句: Love it. Especially at this time of year. 喜欢,尤其是在每年的这个时候.

year就是年的意思;at this time在这个时候;所以翻译下来就是每年的这个时候

at是用在时间点的前面eg:at the nine o'clock On 是用在具体的一天前面eg:on Sunday,on the fifth of May In是用在长时间前面,季节,月份 eg:in Spring , in June

at the turn of the year 一年之交 双语例句 1 The profits are usually distributed among the employees at the turn of the year. 利润通常是在来年初在职员中进行分配。 2 One is the reason why trade slumped so badly at the turn of the...

on on表示具体某一天及其早、中、晚。 如on May 1st, on Monday, on New Year’s Day, on a cold night in January, on a fine morning, on Sunday afternoon等。 at表示某一时刻或较短暂的时间,或泛指节日等。 如at 3:20, at this time of year...

it is often cold at this time of year 每年的这个时候天气通常都很冷

at 通常指在一个很特定的时间,比如at 7:00 ,在7点 at 可以指在一个特定的地方 ,比如at home,在家。 that year ,在那年, 年是一个很长的区间,不能用at

1. brightly 2. are different from 3. finds it; has lerned 4. always arrive on 满意请采纳

D.for Nice weather for the time of year! 一年中的好天气! 望采纳,谢谢

在今年年底,Workers will build the new road at the end of this year.工人们将会在今年年底把这条新的道路修好。

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