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都可以表边缘的意思 at----一般表具体意义 eg,he lives at the edge of border. on---表抽象 he is on the edge of collapse,崩溃的边缘

区别在于前者的主语接近边缘,后者的主语位于边缘。 on the edge of 濒于, 几乎, 在边缘,(在桌子边上有一个杯子)。 He is reading a book on the edge of the chair. 他正坐在椅子边上看书. at the edge of 强调边缘和细节,与边缘更近更精确(...

当然是on啦 on、in、at: on,at,in这三个常用介词都可以表示时间和地点,但具体用法不同,多数学生对它们混淆不清。现在只要记住了口诀,就可避免at,on,in的种种误用。 1. on,in,at表示时间 on“在具体某一天”① “当某时”,动名词, arrival...

有时候意思和用法都差不多,可以互换使用。on也有“在……的表面”的意思,所以有:He sat on the edge of the desk. at表示的位置比较大概一点。比如:He lives at the edge of the city. 有如:The house is at the edge of the forest.

字面意思 在···边上 边沿 引申意义 在什么的边缘,快要怎么样 at the edge of breaking down 崩溃边缘


《Twilight and Mist》 《黄昏中薄雾》 英文歌词: As evening fell a maiden stood At the edge of a wood In her hands lay the reins of a ...

she lives district 12


It may seem strange, but at that moment, when we were on the edge of the whirlpool, I felt calmer than when we were moving towards it. We went ...

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